Assignments Undertaken

Examples of Consulting Assignments/Activity
For Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA)
Co-authored with two colleagues the ‘Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Guidelines’ (2009) and the revised second edition ‘Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Manual' (2015). This manual has been developed to support sound financial practices by infrastructure intensive public authorities. It is recognised as the ‘foundation’ manual on this topic by the local government sector in all Australian states.
Wrote ‘Long-term Financial Planning Practice Note’ that provides guidance on technical and practical considerations on preparation of a long-term financial plan in a local government environment.
Regularly conduct various general and specialist financial strategy and performance and asset management related training programs for local government audiences in all Australian states.
Drafted various ‘practice summaries’ for Local Government Association of Tasmania providing guidance on financial and asset management relevant to local operational and legislative frameworks.

For Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government
Prepared various reference papers to provide guidance and stimulate thinking regarding local government financial issues and made presentations and spoken at national Australian local government conferences. Topics included:
* Strengthening local government revenue-raising.
* Role and use of debt in local government.

For NSW Independent Local Government Review Panel
Prepared the following reports for NSW Government review:
* ‘NSW Local Government Rating and Charging Systems and Practices’.
* ‘Roadmap to Financial Sustainability’.

Subsequent to above was appointed by NSW Government to Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) as an independent expert Tribunal Member during 2015 for the purpose of reviewing each NSW council's 'Fit For the Future' proposal.

For Local Government Association of South Australia

Retained as ‘Lead Consultant Economics and Finance’ since 2008. Work undertaken has included:
* Drafting suite of ‘financial sustainability information papers’ on broad range of financial
and asset management topics to guide improvement in local government financial governance and performance.
* Conduct of various financial related training courses tailored to recognise the differing needs of council members and staff.

For individual councils and other bodies
Review of financial provisions of existing LG Act for LG Victoria.
Review for LG NSW of financial indicators and targets used by TCorp for its assessment of the financial sustainability of each NSW council.
Chairing the audit committees of eight small regionally based South Australian local governments.
Reviews of councils' rating structures including modelling of alternative options having regard to legislative, rating theory and local considerations.
Preparation and review of long-term financial plans and asset management plans.
Discounted cashflow and financial analysis of project proposals including in relation to boundary change, development options, waste and recycling collection and disposal and water supply and wastewater management systems, landfill development, asset renewal and stormwater harvesting.
Advice to councils on treasury management, structure of debt portfolios and evaluation of lenders responses to borrowing request proposals from councils
Prudential reviews of proposed major projects.
Financial sustainability reviews.
Budget planning workshops.

On behalf of Deloitte Access Economics
Prepared report for Western Australian Local Government Association reviewing the financial sustainability of the WA Local Government Sector in 2016 and assessing improvements since 2006.
Assisted Essential Services Commission of Victoria (ESC) to develop framework guidelines for consideration of applications by councils for rate increases beyond the specified annual cap and to review applications received.
Reviewed for Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) implications for local government of possible Commonwealth initiated tax reform options.
Assessed potential long run impact of postponement of rates by eligible ratepayers on behalf of Local Government Association of South Australia.
Prepared Excel model and supporting guidelines to assist local governments to assess financial impacts for them of development growth proposals and supported various councils in assessments using the model.
Reviewed rating exemption legislative provisions relative to theory and practice for Local Government New South Wales.
Reviewed local government rating legislation and practices on behalf of Victorian and Tasmanian governments.
Assessed local government cost containment options on behalf of Victorian Government.
Evaluated financial projections associated with a possible council de-amalgamation for Victorian Government.

Overseas Development Aid Work
AusAid funded training for local government representatives in Indonesia in Financial and Asset Management.
Assignment for AusAid in Solomon Islands reviewing revenue raising capacity & financial governance performance of Honiara City Council.

Other pre-consulting experience
As Executive Director of SA Government’s Office of Local Government I led work that culminated in legislative reforms that mandated SA local governments establishing long-term asset management and financial plans (since introduced in all other Australian jurisdictions) and audit committees.
 As Executive Director of the SA Local Government Association I led the sector’s work with the state government in the development of the first successful comprehensive rewrite of the Local Government legislative framework in 60 years. These reforms strengthened governance, accountability and strategic planning requirements.
As CEO of City of Noarlunga I led that organisation in two years of research and planning that culminated in voluntary amalgamation with two smaller neighbouring councils and the creation of the largest local government in South Australia.
Council member, City of Marion, 1983 -1987.